Autism Awareness

I’m delighted to be part of RJ’s amazing blog hop. I love, love reading all the posts at this time of year, and learning more and more about the authors that I love, and alongside that, more about autism. This year’s topic is childhood toys. You can read RJ’s post about toys here. It’s really lovely.

When I look back on my childhood, which was way before not only the internet, but computers too, the toys I remember most vividly are things I had for adventuring. I loved to explore!  I had a bag, a spade, a flashlight, a notebook, pens, and a huge toy wigwam that I used to set up in the garden with a blanket and cushions from the front room. The garden was only small, but I spent hours hunting with my torch and sticks and then writing about what I found. I can remember it so clearly. I loved writing even then. Years and years later, I mentioned this to my mum, and she laughed and went and brought one of the old notebooks. It was full of very neat squiggles. I couldn’t believe it. In my head, I was writing when I made those marks, I knew exactly what it said. Mum reminded me that I used to play that game before I started school, probably when I was three or four. I was flabbergasted! When I went to school, the teachers said I’d do much better if I could just stop daydreaming. I never did. But I didn’t do too badly.

How do autistic people see the world?

Taken from the National Autistic Society.

Some autistic people say the world feels overwhelming and this can cause them considerable anxiety.

In particular, understanding and relating to other people, and taking part in everyday family, school, work and social life, can be harder. Other people appear to know, intuitively, how to communicate and interact with each other, yet can also struggle to build rapport with autistic people. Autistic people may wonder why they are ‘different’ and feel their social differences mean people don’t understand them.

Autistic people often do not ‘look’ disabled. Some parents of autistic children say that other people simply think their child is naughty, while adults find that they are misunderstood. We are educating the public about autism through our Too Much Information campaign.

It’s been an exciting month as I’ve had a new release! Finding Finlay is the second book in the MC Securities series. It can be read as a standalone, but if you enjoyed book 1, Trusting Jack, you can catch up with Jack and Michael and get a glimpse of their new life. It’s had some fantastic reviews! You can get a copy, or read in KU here.

Here is the Blurb: Aaron Baker has a problem. His online clothing company is under attack. Whilst MC Securities tackle the breaches in security, he asks for an agent to pose as his fake boyfriend. He doesn’t bargain for getting a snarky, ex-marine with sad, blue eyes and submissive tendencies.
Dumped by his boyfriend, Finlay Masters concludes that the best, and safest, place for him is to return to the closet. Kicked out by his parents as a kid for being gay, closeted in the army for fifteen years, body wrecked by an explosion that cost him his job, he isn’t the best bet for any kind of relationship. Even a fake one.
As the investigation mounts, Aaron wants more, but Finn has no faith in love, never dared need anyone. Aaron talks of how lucky he is to find him, but Finn knows if he is to have a chance at a relationship at all, he needs to find himself.

As part of the giveaway, I’m offering an e-copy of Finding Finlay, or anything from by back list. All you need to do is is pop over and join my Facebook group here. If you preface your comment #AutismBlogHop I’ll know what you mean!

Finding Finlay

Finding Finlay Out Now

Finding Finlay is now out in the world! It went live on the 13th April, and has had some fantastic reviews. It’s the second book in the MC Securities series, although it can be read as a standalone book. If you loved Jack and Michael in book one, Trusting Jack, you do get a sneaky catch up with them though! I loved writing this book. I’d had both characters floating about in my head for a while and I was going over ideas of getting them together, or keeping them apart lol, when the idea of fake boyfriends hit me between the eyes. Two completely mismatched men. A handsome, successful bisexual businessman with a son in his twenties, and a scarred, ex-soldier invalided out of the army, and dumped by his lover. I hope you find watching them fall in love as wonderful as I did. Particularly Finlay because he really struggled to admit how he felt. Sigh…

If you’d like to read their story, you can find it HERE

Christmas for a Vampire

Hello! Welcome to my blog and my story for the wonderful Rainbow Advent Calendar.

For those who’ve not met me yet, I’m Ruby, and I  write a lot of historical stories, but my most recent release is a contemporary Christmas novel set in Manchester in the UK. However, for the Advent Calendar, I’ve gone back to my first love and written a short historical story with a paranormal element.  Its called, Christmas for a Vampire and is set in 1832. It will be free through the whole of December

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Curse.jpgLast year, I wrote a short story for the Advent Calendar, The Christmas Curse. It’s still available on Amazon for free. link.

It’s a short, paranormal historical, and  if you did read it, and liked it, Wesley and Jared pop up in this year’s story too for a little cameo. So if you’d like to see how the are getting on, dive into my 2018 story!

The stories are completely free to read, but I am supporting the Albert Kennedy Trust for this event and if you have anything at all spare they would be enormously grateful for donations. The Trust do amazing work with homeless young LGBT people and at this time of year they need more support than ever.

If you can give anything, no matter how small, follow this link to their donations page.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Trusting-Jack-png-200x300.jpg

If you are still feeling festive, my 2018 Christmas novel, Trusting Jack is now available on Amazon, and free to read with a KU subscription. It’s my first full length contemporary story, and the first in a new series. It’s set in Manchester in the UK, and if you like a touch of awkwardness, a little vulnerability, an enormous Christmas tree and an eyeliner obsession, you might want to give it a go!

Well, I’ve waffled on long enough. Here it is… Christmas for a Vampire, complete with fabulous cover by the amazing Meredith Russell! You can download in Mobi or ePub. Happy reading, and wishing you a very merry Christmas!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Christmas-for-a-Vampire-400-200x300.jpg

Click on the links below to download the version you want from a dropbox folder. Export or save the files to your device and enjoy!

Epub Version. 

Mobi Version (Kindle)

Trusting Jack

This week has been pretty momentous! I’ve just released my very first novel that is not only self published, but it’s a contemporary story. All my books so far have been historical, but this one was a story that captured my imagination, and the characters wouldn’t let me go. In fact, they pretty much demanded I write it lol!

Trusting Jack is set in Manchester in the UK, which is close to where I live. (Don’t you just adore the cover??)  I visit there a lot so it seemed like a good place to base the story. It’s the first in a series so you’ll get chance to know the people at MC Securities, and learn a little more about Manchester and the surrounding areas too. I’m already working on the sequel, so keep an eye open as we roll into 2019.

If you’d like to keep up with what I’m doing you can sign up to my newsletter, or you can find me on facebook. I’ve actually got a group – Ruby’s Room so you can always pop in there and say hello. Here’s the link.

There is something incredibly special about Christmas stories. They fill us full of love, joy, and hope for the new year. 2018 has been pretty tough for everyone, but here’s hoping that you have a peaceful Christmas and an absolutely splendid New Year.

Christmas with Ruby Moone

Christmas with Ruby Moone!

I’ve been busy on the Christmas stories front this year. I will be participating the Alex Jane’s Christmas Advent Calendar again, so keep an eye out for that. All through the month of December a whole heap of fabulous authors will be posting free Christmas stories to keep you feeling warm and festive. My story is slightly cooler – It’s a paranormal again, but this time… vampires! This is my first vampire story, so I hope you like it!

Another first for me will be my Christmas release, Trusting Jack, which is released on the 10th December. This is my first full length contemporary novel, and it’s the first in the series, MC Securities, focusing on a growing company and the lives and loves of the gorgeous men who are linked to it. I can’t wait to share Michael and Jack with you.

The covers are almost ready – Trusting Jack will be released by the fabulous Love Bytes Reviews on the 30thNovember, and the vampire story… well, you’ll have to hang on a bit for that.

All that’s left now is to get the tree up and get the Christmas music ready. Oh, and the mistletoe!

Christmas is coming!!

Will you be at the UK Meet?

Only two sleeps to go, and I’ll be in Bristol with a bunch of amazing authors, readers and fabulous publishing people. I don’t often get to spend three days completely immersed in romance, so I can’t wait.

I’m packing up some swag and sweeties, and I’ll be bringing a few books just in case anyone wants one. I’m on the book signing, but don’t feel you have to buy a book to come and say hello. I’ll have some goodies and giveaways, and it would be really good to meet you!

I’m beyond excited to be on the queer historical romance panel with KJ Charles and Jess Faraday. If you like your romance set in the past, pop over and see what we are up to.

Right, I’d better get on with making up swag and packing my party shoes for the Rainbow dinner….  see you there!


I’m delighted to share the cover for Promises with you. This will be published on the 25th August. It’s a short novella, about 32,000 words, and this is exactly how I imagined Sebastian. There will be more information to come, and buy links etc. once I have them. for now, just enjoy!

Returning from the Peninsula war, the last thing Captain Charles Hawkins needs is a brash, wastrel invading his solitude. But, he made a promise…

Thief of Hearts


Thief of Hearts is out now and has had some fantastic reviews. I really loved writing this book. David and Jeremy simply stole my heart and I hope they steal yours too! The book is linked closely to actual historical events and I had the best time researching. I can spend days, weeks researching lol!

Below is the blurb, and where you can find a copy if you fancy curling up and losing yourself in the past.



It’s 1806 and aristocratic, bastard born jewel thief, David Lambert has few rules in his life. Never bed the staff, never bed a man more than once, and never kiss. In the space of one weekend, all his rules are shattered by a stunning, violet eyed footman with a secret.

Jeremy Naylor thought he had found the man of his dreams. Thought he had found the one person that might, just might, understand him. But in one shocking moment his dreams are destroyed, and he is forced to run for his life.

When Jeremy is flung into Newgate for a crime David committed, it’s a race against time to get him free and David is forced to face up to his past, his family, and accept that he might have a future if he has the courage to fight for it.



Have you read The Mistletoe Kiss?

The Mistletoe Kiss is out now!  

My new Christmas novella, The Mistletoe Kiss is available today! I really loved writing this and can’t wait for you to read it. It’s set in 1816, in Covent Garden, and involves a bookseller and a May to December romance… sigh!! I had huge fun writing it, and did lots of research into the Covent Garden area during this time. I got completely sidetracked for hours looking at the shops that were there, the traders, the theatres the coffee shops…


If you would like to keep up with projects, take part in giveaways and get sneak previews of secret stuff, sign up to my newsletter – I promise no spam. Ever!! –  If you have a look around my blog you will find my Christmas freebie story – The Christmas Curse! If you would like a copy of this as a Mobi or ePub, subscribe to my newsletter and I will send over a copy. (You can unsubscribe afterwards, I won’t mind.)

Here is the blurb for The Mistletoe Kiss…

Amazon –

JMS Books –

By 1816, widowed bookseller Lawrence Fenton has spent a lonely lifetime hiding who he is. He has convinced himself his feelings for his far too young, gorgeous, but troubled assistant Christy Shaw are nothing more than pride in his protégé and concern for his plight.

Christy’s life involves walking fine lines: one between his mother and his abusive stepfather, one where he must keep his needs hidden, and hardest of all, one where he must keep his feelings for his serious employer to himself.

Lame since birth, Lawrence cannot imagine anyone wanting him, least of all Christy. But when Christy’s life threatens to spiral out of control, Lawrence steps in. Then Christy’s emotions spill over into a kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas. Will Lawrence be able to face the long-buried truth about himself and keep Christy by his side?

Curl up with a Christmas Romance!!


The Twelve Days Before Christmas MM Historical Fiction Blowout

Welcome to the Twelve Days Before Christmas MM Historical Fiction Blowout!

Over the twelve days you will find blogs, posts, giveaways and massive reductions on some fabulous historical MM books. If we’ve not met before, I’m Ruby Moone and I write historical MM. Most of my books are set in the Regency Era in England. This has always been one of my favourite periods to read about, and I think this stems back to a love of Georgette Heyer.

For the Blowout, I have a special offer on my last full novel, Memories, and you will be able to get this from Amazon, or my publisher, JMS Books LLC for half price! If you wait until the 14th of December, it will be available on JMS Books shop for 99C…!

Here is Memories!

Here is the blurb…

Will Marsden is a man on the run from his memories and his past. Steward of Denton Manor was a good position until Captain Dearne, the owner, lost the manor on the turn of a card. When the feckless Dearne is dumped unconscious and near death on his doorstep, Will grudgingly accepts an enormous sum of money to care for him.

Dearne regains consciousness but has no memories of how he came to be in the bed of a dark-haired, angry, but gorgeous man or how he came to be so badly injured.

When nightmares drive Dearne into Will’s arms every night, the attraction between them explodes. As Dearne battles with lost memories, he is forced to accept the fact that someone in his family wants him dead, and Will is forced to confront his past head on. Will the revelations uncovered tear them apart?

NOTE: This book uses UK English throughout.

If you have a look around my blog posts you will find my Christmas short story, The Christmas Curse, and if you sign up for my newsletter, I can let you have a copy on Mobi or ePub! (You can unsubscribe afterwards, I won’t mind.) I plan to work on the follow up to this for release in 2018 so watch this space…

Snuggle up with a Christmas story.

The fun starts on the 12th of December, and you will find a fabulous new author every day!



Alex Beecroft

The Reluctant Berserker

Era: Early Medieval/Dark Ages Saxon

Amazon  All Other Formats  $0.99c/99p

Website | Amazon author page | Facebook | Twitter



JP Kenwood

February and December (Dominus Calendar Series I)

Era: Imperial Rome

Amazon Worldwide $0.99/.99p

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Archive of our Own



Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee

Simon and the Christmas Spirit (Victorian Holiday Hearts series)

Era: Victorian

Amazon | Smashwords | Kobo | B&N | iTunes $0.99

Website | BD Facebook | SD Facebook | BD Twitter | SD Twitter



Christina E. Pilz

Fagin’s Boy: The Further Particulars of a Parish Boy’s Progress

Era: Victorian

Amazon | Kobo | Apple | Smashwords $0.99

Website | Twitter | Tumblr | Pinterest | Facebook



Anne Barwell

On Wings of Song

Era: WWI – 1920

Dreamspinner  $2.50

Website | Twitter | Queeromance Ink | Newsletter | Facebook



Brita Addams

Beloved Unmasked

Era: Early 20th Century New Orleans

Dreamspinner | Amazon  $3.00

Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Twitter



Silvia Violet

Revolutionary Temptation

Era: American Revolution

Amazon Global | iBooks | Kobo | BN $2.99
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram



Deanna Wadsworth


Era: pre-Civil War Key West, Florida

Dreamspinner $.89c Dec.19 only

Amazon | Google | Google Play | Nook | Kobo | iTunes $2.99

Website | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads | Facebook



Joanna Chambers


Era: Regency

Amazon Amazon (UK)  Nook  iBooks  Kobo  GPlay $1.99

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads



Michael Jensen

Man & Monster

Era: 1799, America

Amazon $1.99

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook



Wendy Rathbone

Ganymede: Abducted by the Gods

Era: Bronze Age, fantasy, alternate myth

Amazon $2.99
Website | Facebook | Newsletter (get a free copy of “Letters to an Android”)



Charlene Newcomb
Men of the Cross (Battle Scars I)

Era:  Medieval – 12th century

Amazon $0.99c/99p

Website | Twitter | Facebook



Ruby Moone


Era: Regency

Amazon | JMS Books $2.99/£2.23

Website | Twitter | Facebook