Trusting Jack

This week has been pretty momentous! I’ve just released my very first novel that is not only self published, but it’s a contemporary story. All my books so far have been historical, but this one was a story that captured my imagination, and the characters wouldn’t let me go. In fact, they pretty much demanded I write it lol!

Trusting Jack is set in Manchester in the UK, which is close to where I live. (Don’t you just adore the cover??)  I visit there a lot so it seemed like a good place to base the story. It’s the first in a series so you’ll get chance to know the people at MC Securities, and learn a little more about Manchester and the surrounding areas too. I’m already working on the sequel, so keep an eye open as we roll into 2019.

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There is something incredibly special about Christmas stories. They fill us full of love, joy, and hope for the new year. 2018 has been pretty tough for everyone, but here’s hoping that you have a peaceful Christmas and an absolutely splendid New Year.