Finding Finlay

Finding Finlay Out Now

Finding Finlay is now out in the world! It went live on the 13th April, and has had some fantastic reviews. It’s the second book in the MC Securities series, although it can be read as a standalone book. If you loved Jack and Michael in book one, Trusting Jack, you do get a sneaky catch up with them though! I loved writing this book. I’d had both characters floating about in my head for a while and I was going over ideas of getting them together, or keeping them apart lol, when the idea of fake boyfriends hit me between the eyes. Two completely mismatched men. A handsome, successful bisexual businessman with a son in his twenties, and a scarred, ex-soldier invalided out of the army, and dumped by his lover. I hope you find watching them fall in love as wonderful as I did. Particularly Finlay because he really struggled to admit how he felt. Sigh…

If you’d like to read their story, you can find it HERE