Best Seller Orange Badge

Eyeliner and Lace is a short story published this summer by JMS Books LLC as part of their Hot Flash series. All the stories are less than 5,000 words, and I was absolutely thrilled to have a story accepted by them. I was even more thrilled when it went up to number 1 in the 30 Minute LGBT Short Reads category. I was utterly blown away when it got an orange badge…. I mean – an orange badge!! I’ve never had a book be a best seller in a category before so I was absolutely over the moon (excuse the pun) and thrilled to bits! So, a massive thank you to anyone who bought it and loved it. Ryan and Jamie were a joy to write.

Here is where to find it on Amazon – Eyeliner and Lace
Here is where to find it at JMS Books – Eyeliner and Lace

This is the blurb!

The day Ryan Fulton realises he’s in love with Jamie Holt is the day he know’s he’s losing him. With blue tinted white blond hair, eyeliner and a personality to match, Ryan knows he’s a bit much. But can he change? Can he tone it and, if he does, can he live like that? He’d never suspect Jamie of cheating, but maybe his closeted boyfriend decided flamboyant Ryan wasn’t worth the effort.

But Ryan isn’t going to take it lying down. Determined to win Jamie back, Ryan even decides to get rid of the black and blue lace undies he just bought.

Then Jamie comes home and says they need to talk.