Don’t Give Up!

Today my debut novelette, Fallen is released. It’s only short, but it’s my very first publication and I’ve got two more novelette’s coming over the next couple of months all published with JMS Books – you can see them under the ‘In Progress’ section of the blog. Like most writers this hasn’t just happened overnight, I’ve been writing a long, long time. I’ve gone through long spells where I haven’t written much at all, and some where I’ve been really productive. I’ve had rejections, loads of them, but I’ve just kept at it, working on stories whenever I could grab a moment. Earlier in the year I saw a submission call from JMS Books for ‘Hurt Heroes,’ and thought, what the heck! I squeaked my story in just inside the deadline and then got an email saying, ‘I’d like to offer you a contract.’ Just like that! I made my husband read it in case I was seeing what I wanted to see, but it was there. In black and white and if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone so never, ever give up!